Hi, I'm Sara, and I'm a Certified Interior Decorator and Professional Organizer. I have been designing and rearranging rooms for as long as I can remember. It's always been my passion to make home a comfortable and peaceful place.

I work with hard working people who have busy family lives to create beautiful and peaceful homes and find organizational systems to minimize the stress and frustration of daily life.

I love to create systems for people who have the desire to declutter, and have an organized home but need extra support. Whether it's for Decorating or Organizing, I am here to help you from Ceiling to Floor. When I'm not working on rooms, I enjoy life with my family and spending time with them is my ideal. I love to spend time with family and friends at Disney and finding fun places to walk and be outdoors. I enjoy making the most of every day to create memories to last a lifetime.

Have you grown weary of scrolling through Pinterest and finding yourself overwhelmed with the idea of trying to do it all? Are you unsure of how to put a room together even when you have the items you love? Do you have a busy life and know what you want but no time to do it? That's where I come in!

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