Making the decision to unclutter and organize a home can be a struggle sometimes. It can be overwhelming to think of tackling a project and making changes. We understand your feelings and never judge anyone for the disorganization, we focus on supporting you through the process and helping to make your home a place of comfort and peace in an environment where you can focus on family and fun instead of searching for lost things. I offer both In person sessions and virtual sessions. For In Person, at the first meeting, we will walk through the area that needs attention and come up with the step by step plan for organizing. For virtual, after the initial FREE consultation, you provide pictures of the space you want organized. I will find products that will work for the space and email you the shopping list. That way we are ready to go right to work at the session.

During this time we will purge, declutter, organize stuff into groupings, and put back in organized fashion. Some projects can be done in just one block of time, others might need more to complete. This is something we will tackle at the FREE consultation.

In Person Packages:

3 hour block is $200

3 sessions is $540 which offers 10% discount

6 sessions is $1020 which offers 15% discount

12 sessions is $1920 which offers 20% discount

Virtual Packages:

1 hour is $50

3 sessions $135 which offers 10% discount

6 sessions $255 which offers 15% discount

12 sessions $480 which offers 20% discount